Halo supports NHS & Military in fight against Covid-19

29th April 2020

Halo Solutions is helping the frontline NHS with their unique needs for a logistics solution at this unprecedented time in Hampshire. The company’s world-class, multi-award winning, incident management software, Halo, has been deployed to co-ordinate proceedings across the County. The C3i platform which specialises in command, control, communications and intelligence is being used to assist 460 community stakeholders, four hospitals, Coroner's Office, Hampshire Police, Hampshire Fire and Rescue, Hampshire Local Authority and volunteers including Team Rubicon. 

One of the key organisers of the project, Lieutenant Elliott Brown, Royal Navy and Hampshire LRF Military Planner, says of the system: “Halo allowed us to install a multi-agency communications network. Over and above the emergency services communications network, we were able to talk to and task civilian partners. At the command centre, a tactical picture of all taskings and delivery requests could be overseen allowing problems to be overcome when the operational solution failed.

“The provision of hardware to support the communication network allowed us to avoid using incompatible systems and users own mobiles where it wasn’t appropriate. Conversely the app allowed civilian users limited access to book delivery and collection slots. As a security management system, HALO was able to develop it into a logistics solution with little effort.”

Halo Solutions CEO Lloyd Major says: “In less than a week we’ve been able to embed the Halo System into the daily operations of all stakeholders, showcasing the flexibility of our software as not just fit for stadia and events but fit for all types of incident management. It’s a privilege joining some of the amazing innovations taking place during this crisis to help the NHS frontline. Nothing like this has ever been achieved before, and to do it on this scale is magnificent, truly something to be proud of. It’s been an astonishing team effort!”

Halo has been a pivotal part of streamlining county wide logistics to connect all the currently disconnected systems and provide a central oversight platform for the LRF and partners. Using the system’s multi-agency logging mode, usually deployed for major global tournaments like the Cricket World Cup or huge events like Notting Hill Carnival, Halo provided each stakeholder with a bespoke platform for their singular use that’s integrated with the overall project to provide a central system that the main organisers can oversee. The panacea of multi-agency control room systems, currently unique to Halo. Able to be deployed rapidly and set up in less then 10 minutes, the Halo cloud based system has been the perfect solution for this large scale logistics problem.

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