Why real-time, connected logging is critical for gathering evidence with a strong audit trail

Has looking for incident details ever felt like looking for a needle in a haystack? Feel the difficulties and frustration of cross referencing records of events with undocumented memories? Pulling together a labyrinth of Sharepoints, spreadsheets, Whatsapps and paper trails?

As a manager of any venue, event or operation where the public gather, its vital staff can log incident details as they happen within a secure organisational memory. This real-time audit trail helps you have both greater control and stronger debriefing capabilities – providing clarity to support the key decisions made for customers’ safety and experiences, and your brand & venue’s reputation. 

When logging can’t be immediate or competes on busy radio waves, all it takes is a small distraction for busy staff to miss or forget key details – after all, we’re all human! 

By putting logging policies and procedures in place you empower you staff to take ownership of their workflow. But this still requires the right tools to ensure all details are properly captured. Radio communications might allow your operations to function, but it’s vital to ensure you’re harvesting and capturing all the data shared. Is this really being achieved with fiddly spreadsheets, endless WhatsApp chats and post-event recollections?

A range of competing tools and systems might be used day-to-day to log everything you need in your audit trail – book-ins/book-offs, live incidents, closed incidents, customer service, crowd management, capacity control, ticket-scanning, tasks, updates, live information, messaging, bulletins, image sharing, documents, forms & protocols. 

So what if you could achieve all of this with just one, user-friendly platform?

The Halo System captures all incidents, actions, communications, workflows and reporting, allowing real-time logging throughout the full cycle of your operations. This makes everyone’s jobs easier, while intelligently recording every detail.

AWS cloud technologies provide a central database for operations, within a secure organisational memory designed to support all current and historical data needs.

The system analyses data in real-time and creates powerful analytics, and all of this information can be shared to relevant stakeholders with custom, one-click reporting – dramatically simplifying debriefing procedures and the disclosure of information. Access levels give you total control over your data: visualise, communicate and share key details with only the right people.

Why is this powerful? Because you gain all the evidence needed to show stakeholders exactly how your venue is performing, in real-time. The more data driven through the system, the more powerful the insights become, and the more analyses and improvements can be made.

But why is the documentation and storage of this data so important? –

Simply put, you can’t communicate the things you don’t know. You can’t ‘know’ without clear evidence and proof. And you won’t have the clear evidence and proof if details haven’t been logged, documented and securely stored in an audit trail.

In the eyes of the law, if you haven’t documented it, you can’t prove it.

When legal letters or insurance premiums arrive, you won’t be able to go back and document evidence retrospectively. If it’s not been logged, then your staff, your teams, your venue; didn’t do it.

Through simple inputs, Halo creates the clear and complete audit trail you can be confident in to provide evidence policies were followed, duties were dispensed, and responsibilities were met. 

It’s why we’re the world’s #1 most trusted and widely-used incident and threat management system.

Use Halo, and take accurate, meaningful and trustworthy data to stakeholders or the coroner’s inquiry – not unreliable spreadsheets, WhatsApps and messages.

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