Do I need to have the Halo system or can I purchase modules or features separately?

We believe you would get the most value, see operational improvements, and return of interests, if you have all of your functions and operations running through the system. However, if this is not possible, some of our modules are available as standalone products. Get in touch with your sector specialist to discuss packages.

Can you summarise the key benefits of Halo

Saves time: Pinpoint incident locations. Capture data more quickly. Automated tasking

Saves money: Analytics and reports to support resourcing decisions. Strong audit trials reduce insurance premiums & claims. Halo combine at least 10 systems in 1

Improve operational efficiency – allowing you to manage and allocate resources

Where is my data stored & who has access to it?

Halo protects everyone, including ourselves and your stakeholders from GDPR breaches and data security. We are ISO 27001 and certified ISME Gold, demonstrating our commitment to the utmost data secure storage.

We store all your data on a cloud based storage with AWS, fully resilient, multi-region database. For US customers, your data is stored in the US, European customer’s data is stored in Milan, UK customer’s data is stored in England.

The Data is owned by you, and therefore only your company has access to this.

What happens if my phone loses signal?

Halo app uses wifi or 3G to maintain a dynamic link.

We would always suggest that a control room is set up with hard wired internet, where possible, so that, in the odd chance data is lost, the teams are able to radio through the update to Control who can update the system and maintain a full and complete audit trail.

Halo has so many modules and features, are they all relevant to me and my company?

99% of them are – get in touch and let us hear your challenges and activities and we can talk you through how Halo can support you.

I don’t want my team to be distracted on their phones, how can I get around this?

99% of them are – get in touch and let us hear your challenges and activities and we can talk you through how Halo can support you.

It looks harder than my clipboard and tick sheet, I worry people won’t adopt and will find it hard to use?

The system is pretty intuitive & most users are able to use it straight away. However, just in case, we offer unlimited training and support is available online with our team.

Adoption is key to protect your business, with solid reporting and connectivity across your teams.

Is it possible to integrate with emergency services?

Yes, as it is a web-based platform, we provide free of charge integrations with every emergency service. By adding them as additional users, they can link in directly with your teams.

Can I use the reporting in court?

Absolutely, it is an uneditable audit trail, which is date & time stamped, indicating who saw what & when.

Our logs have been used by coroners across the UK in investigations, as well as insurance companies.

Do I need to buy every user a login?

We have a variety of pricing options to suit your budgets. We have pricing options for unlimited users. With our system only limited to concurrent users.

Our modules

We already have spreadsheets and forms that monitor all of our tasks. Why would we pay for a solution?

Excel is fantastic, tick sheets on paper are easy to use. But neither are dynamic, uneditable, standardised, nor heavily relied upon in court. Teams need to know the status update straight away. Tasks need to be raised, assigned & monitored. This isn’t possible without a dynamic system such as Halo.

I don't think we have a need for “incident management”, how would I use it?

An incident can be anything – lost property, missing person, violence towards staff, post arriving.

I worry that we would get a lot of unwanted messages, would this be the case?

Our experience evidences that this is not the case.

It is used for supporters to report racist chanting from the stands, to avoid them being seen speaking to the stewarding staff. Customers report broken seats or equipment, allowing you to log and deploy your teams at the appropriate time.

For Accreditation, do they need to have a Halo account?

No, Accreditation can be used for all of your staff, personnel, sub contractors and visitors.

My venue has over 300 cameras, will I need to replace them all for Crowd Management to be able to work? Would it be able to support them all?

Absolutely it would work, we would love to show you how! We work with your existing CCTV equipment, to avoid the costly activity.

We already work with a ticketing company, how would this work?

Our team works directly with your provider to resolve to integrate an API into our system.

We don’t have a big budget for hardware, would we need to purchase additional handsets?

Our system works on the same smartphones as the Halo System, these can be ones you currently own or hardware hired from Halo.


My event is only for 3 days, can I pay for the days that I use the system?

Our pricing structure has the ability to create a bespoke package with the option of days, weeks, months or annual costs. Available for any span of time within build-live-break.

Our budget is already a challenge, how will Halo save me money?

First and foremost Halo’s aim is to protect your people, your company. We work with our clients to have a pricing model that works for them, as we believe even in the smallest form, Halo will benefit you.

Halo can also save you money by:

Optimising operational functions.

Moving operations to fully digital – save thousands a year on printing and admin costs.

Improving team’s efficiency, increasing output.

Replacing multiple systems with one, realising cost savings while adding value.

Mitigate your risk and liabilities, better to spend now to avoid sky-high litigation costs (Halo has a proven track record in clear record keeping of evidential standards that stops costly legal proceedings)

Lightning fast ticketing ingresses customers quicker – more time for them to spend on merch, snacks and experiences!

Improve customer experience, keeping them coming back to protect and preserve revenues long-term.

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