Halo extends partnership with ACC Liverpool

We are thrilled to announce the extension of our partnership with The ACC Liverpool Group for the next three years, solidifying our commitment to delivering cutting-edge venue management technologies.


The ACC Liverpool Group stands at the pinnacle of the events and hospitality industry, anchoring itself as Liverpool’s largest multi-purpose event campus since its establishment in 2008. At the heart of this group is the iconic M&S Bank Arena Liverpool, host of the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest on the behalf of Ukraine, alongside an impressive array of international artists and critically-acclaimed shows. Complemented by an award-winning Convention Centre and Exhibition Centre, the group has redefined the event landscape, welcoming over 8.3 million visitors and generating an astounding £2.1 billion in economic impact for the region. The ACC Liverpool Group has consistently earned accolades, making it a cornerstone in the industry. As Halo extends its partnership with ACC Liverpool Group, we celebrate the rich history and achievements of this remarkable institution, committed to further continuing its legacy through cutting-edge venue operations & safety management technologies.

A Solidified Partnership: Halo x ACC Liverpool Group

This extension marks a significant milestone in our collaborative journey, reinforcing a relationship built on innovation, safety, and shared commitment to excellence. As we commit to supporting them for an additional three years, we deepen our connection affirming our role as a dedicated ally in their continued success. Halo’s comprehensive suite of venue management technologies addresses the evolving needs of ACC Liverpool. From incident management to multi-agency coordination, public reporting, and task management, our platform ensures a seamless, secure, and efficient operation. This extension not only signifies a commitment to cutting-edge technology but also serves as a testament to the enduring partnership that empowers ACC Liverpool Group in maintaining the highest standards in event management and safety.

Revolutionising Event Management & Operations

Central to our partnership has been the implementation of Halo’s comprehensive suite of incident, task and venue management technologies, empowering the teams across the venues. From incident management to multi-agency logging, public reporting, task management, fire safety checks, compliance procedures, and lost property handling, Halo has played a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and seamless experiences of visitors, staff, and guests.

Enhanced Incident Management 

Halo’s robust incident management system ensures swift responses to potential issues, offering real-time tracking and resolution. This feature has proven instrumental in maintaining a safe and secure environment for visitors, staff, and guests at ACC Liverpool.
  • Proactive incident resolution
  • Real-time tracking for enhanced safety
  • Seamless collaboration for effective crisis management

Efficient Multi-Agency Logging

Halo facilitates seamless communication and coordination between multiple agencies involved in venue operations. From security to emergency services, the platform ensures a cohesive response to any situation.
  • Streamlined communication among agencies
  • Coordinated response for enhanced safety
  • Comprehensive oversight of multi-agency efforts

Empowering Public Reporting

With Halo’s public reporting feature, ACC Liverpool enables visitors to contribute to the safety of the venue. This tool encourages a collaborative approach to security, turning every attendee into a vigilant partner.
  • Community involvement in venue safety
  • Increased awareness and responsiveness
  • Strengthened security through collective vigilance

Task Management Excellence

The platform’s task management capabilities optimise pre-event, fire safety checks, compliance procedures, and lost property handling. ACC Liverpool teams experience increased efficiency and accuracy in executing essential tasks.
  • Streamlined task execution
  • Enhanced efficiency in pre-event preparations
  • Improved compliance and fire safety procedures

Proactive Fire Safety Checks

Halo’s fire safety checks ensure ACC Liverpool remains compliant with industry standards. The platform aids in proactively identifying and addressing potential fire hazards, contributing to a secure environment for all.
  • Proactive identification of fire hazards
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Enhanced fire safety measures

Comprehensive Compliance Procedures

ACC Liverpool benefits from Halo’s comprehensive compliance procedures, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements. The platform streamlines compliance processes, reducing the risk of regulatory issues.
  • Simplified compliance processes
  • Reduced risk of regulatory issues
  • Ensured adherence to industry standards

Efficient Lost Property Handling

Halo’s integrated lost property handling system ensures a smooth and efficient process for both staff and visitors at ACC Liverpool. This feature contributes to a positive experience and swift resolution for lost items.
  • Streamlined lost property processes
  • Enhanced visitor experience
  • Swift resolution for lost items

“We’re incredibly proud to support The ACC Liverpool Group. It’s a stunning group of venues with really, really great people at their core. The feedback the teams have given us already in our first 2 years of partnership has helped our system grow & develop massively, and we’re thrilled to continue to deliver for The ACC Liverpool Group’s technology needs across a further 3 years of partnership.”

Charlie Archer
Partnerships & Insights Manager


Looking ahead, our renewed partnership is gearing up for some exciting updates, with new improvements set to roll out in various areas over the next few weeks. If your organisation is curious about how Halo’s tricks can boost your operations, give us a shout. Our team is all set to introduce you to clients in your industry who’ve seen some real perks from our solutions. The mix of Halo’s incident, task, and operations management tech with ACC Liverpool’s dynamic offerings keeps this partnership at its best. This partnership not only shows how much we love giving you the latest and greatest but also reflects the trust and understanding we’ve built up over the years. We’re pretty pumped about the possibilities ahead, the events we’ll put together, and the ongoing journey to set some new standards in the industry. Our firm commitment, “Let’s protect everyone,” is at the heart of our renewed partnership with The ACC Liverpool Group. 
If your business is looking for a platform to manage incident, taks and business operations then Halo is for you. Checkout the Halo Platform!

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