Halo launches Intel Module with realtime service provided by Horus subscription

20th April 2021

We've partnered with global intelligence expert Horus Security to support businesses, venues, arenas and stadia in the fight against organised crime, violent crime, strategic protest, terrorism, and extremism, as well as traditional health and safety threats.

Horus delivers bespoke intelligence-led services and security solutions via its global team of experienced multilingual researchers, analysts and investigators to better inform business decision making. The partnership will see The Halo System, which streamlines bio-security, counter-terrorism, health and safety, communications and tasking for an infinite range of incidents and procedures, become the first C3i platform on the market with a direct feed to real-time information, from a bank of intelligence experts.

Halo Solutions’ CEO and Co-Founder Lloyd Major says: “At Halo, we believe the best decisions are made when people have the best information and intelligence to base them on. This makes Horus a natural fit for us as we expand into new markets. Downstream, as businesses receive intelligence products, The Halo System is far superior to email for managing real-time decision making as strategic, tactical and operational managers implement their action plans.

“During my policing career, I have had an awareness of Horus going back to 2012. I have regularly observed, from the outside, the positive difference the team can make to their clients lives and businesses. Providing reassurance, context, expert advice and information on a broad range of subjects, their professional ethics are second to none and I’ve always been impressed with their dedication to helping others. They are the best at what they do and this is a great partnership for both companies.”

This is another world first for Halo and a unique integration for the Halo System and third new integration to launch so far this year, with many more to come.

Horus’ MD, Jonathan Whiteley adds: “The partnership between Horus and Halo will aim to combine our many years of experience and intelligent security solutions to guide businesses, organisations, and their associated projects through a new era of security requirements at large-scale events. We see the Halo platform as being the most reliable and efficient solution to deliver our intelligence product.”

The Halo System has so far kept millions of event goers safe, reduced insurance premiums and other costs as well as being credited with saving lives at carnivals, marathons and skiing events across Europe since its inception. It’s a three part system but it's the uniquely designed mobile app which gives it the operational edge in the market. It has been proven to save lives, save time and save money, every day. Standing up to scrutiny from Safety Advisory Groups, Insurance Brokers and Coroner’s Court, it’s the perfect audit trail producing digital, tamper-proof logs for evidence in any investigation.  

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