Halo’s Triumph with Chelsea, Nottingham Forest and Birmingham City FC

In a triumphant move towards elevating safety and security measures within football clubs, Halo Solutions, the UK’s leading crowd safety and security operations platform, has scored a significant hat-trick. Premier League club Nottingham Forest FC, Championship club Birmingham City FC, and the esteemed Stamford Bridge, home to Chelsea Football Club, have all integrated Halo’s award-winning incident and task management software, Halo (v5), into their operations.

Revolutionising Safety & Security in Football

The adoption of Halo’s cutting-edge technology signifies a proactive approach by these clubs to create safer environments for fans, players, and staff alike. Utilising Halo’s capabilities, the clubs will streamline their security protocols, match day safety procedures, and pre-match checks. This integration will bolster existing crowd safety measures and empower the clubs to effectively manage incidents observed during matches or on their premises day-to-day.

Key Features & Benefits for Football Venues

Halo’s platform offers a range of modules and features designed to enhance safety and security operations across football stadia:

  • Digitised Security Procedures: Clubs can create and monitor digitised security processes, including match day safety checks and pre-match assessments.

  • Streamlined Reporting: The platform facilitates streamlined reporting procedures, allowing for the efficient management of incidents and suspicious activities. Public reporting codes are available to fans, volunteers, and club staff to report any safety concerns.

  • Comprehensive Debriefs: Halo enables clubs to compile clear and complete debriefs on every match day or month of operations, essential for presentation at Safety Advisory Group (SAG) meetings.

Proven Success & Global Reach in the world of Football

Halo Solutions has already made significant strides in the realm of crowd safety and security technology. Its incident and task management system has handled over 2,500 events, 88,000 incidents, and 550,000 tasks for some of the world’s largest venue and event operations. With clients across the English Football Leagues, MLS, and various venues and stadia worldwide, Halo has established itself as a trusted partner in ensuring public safety.

“We’ve seen fantastic results implementing the Halo System into match-day and everyday security operations across Stamford Bridge and Cobham Training Ground. Halo’s user-friendly appearance and flexible ability to ensure all our safety & security management is streamlined into one place was a huge reason for us choosing Halo over other platforms. We run our site security program to the highest possible standard, and the reporting capabilities of Halo help us to manage and audit all incidents, tasks, patrols and activities continuously all within one, easy-to-use platform.”

Bakary Bah
Senior Security Manager at Chelsea Football Club

Founder’s Vision

Halo Solutions was founded by Lloyd Major, a former national counterterrorism police officer with extensive experience in crowd safety and event security. Drawing on his expertise, Major developed the Halo System to address critical challenges in safety and security management for venues and stadiums. His vision for Halo is to provide real-time information and intelligence to facilitate rapid decision-making and protect the public.

Global Impact

Halo Solutions has played a vital role in safeguarding individuals at major events worldwide, including the Eurovision Song Contest, FIFA World Cup fan zones in Qatar, and the Miami F1 Grand Prix. In the UK, Halo’s platform has been deployed at prominent venues such as the NEC in Birmingham, ExCeL London, and Motorpoint Arena Nottingham, ensuring the safety of millions of visitors each year.


With the integration of Halo’s technology, Nottingham Forest FC, Birmingham City FC, and Chelsea Football Club are taking proactive steps to enhance crowd safety and security. Halo’s innovative platform offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of football clubs, reaffirming its position as a leader in the field of crowd safety and security operations.

By prioritising safety and leveraging cutting-edge technology, these clubs are setting a precedent for the industry and reaffirming their commitment to providing a secure environment for fans, players, and staff. As Halo continues to evolve and expand its reach, the future of crowd safety in football looks brighter than ever before.

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