Award-Winning Halo Solutions Partners with Venture Security to Elevate their Crowd Safety Management Game

Halo Solutions 🤝 Venture Security

Venture Security, a prominent independent security company on the South Coast, has joined forces with Halo Solutions, the mastermind behind the world’s most intelligent incident, threat, and crowd safety management system – Halo (V5). This strategic partnership aims to bolster crowd safety and security operations at major events, with Newbury Racecourse being the first beneficiary of this cutting-edge technology.

The first venue to benefit from Halo’s groundbreaking safety management technology is the prestigious Newbury Racecourse. Following a competitive tender process earlier this year, Venture Security was awarded the security contract, and in April, they successfully debuted the Halo platform.

Ground-breaking Partnership

Since its debut, the Halo technology has been employed at various events, including the highly anticipated Tom Jones concert at Newbury Racecourse, which saw a remarkable 19,000-capacity crowd – the largest attendance since Covid-19 restrictions. Additionally, Venture Security utilized the Halo safety management system during the Summer Solstice event at Stonehenge and numerous other festivals and community gatherings.

Real-Time Tracking & Monitoring

Newbury Racecourse, renowned in the racing world, hosts large-scale music acts, after-parties, and community events, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. Halo empowered Venture Security by providing:

  • real-time tracking and logging of incidents 
  • streamlined inter-team communications 
  • utmost levels of security and safety across the site

“At Venture, we are committed to continually raising the bar for our customers. The Halo (v5) platform has enabled us to take our award-winning services to another level, providing instant logged communications and facilitating faster command and control of our site-based operations.Managing security for such a high-profile sporting venue as Newbury Racecourse has been a pleasure, and the Halo technology has further enhanced our operations. We eagerly anticipate a busy and successful season ahead.”

Duncan Robertson
Head of Events
at Venture Security

What it means to partner with Halo?

Halo (v5) offers complete oversight of crowd safety and security during events, providing real-time updates and critical information. The system seamlessly links security assets, site teams, and controllers within a single platform, granting greater control over event management. This innovative technology has:

  • safeguarded over 90 million people across 17 countries, 
  • saved 12 lives at more than 4000 events and locations 

As a leading British technology company in crowd and safety management, Halo Solutions boasts an impressive collection of 14 awards.

“Halo is thrilled to work with Venture Security’s team in deploying the Halo (v5) technology across their security operations. The unique capabilities of Halo will digitize operational security processes at Newbury and expand the scope of additional crowd safety and security services. We eagerly anticipate working with Venture to implement our award-winning technology, further enhancing the safety and security of their client events.”

Charlie Archer 
Partnerships & Insights Manager at Halo Solutions

Venture Security, headquartered in Hampshire, is an award-winning security provider offering comprehensive commercial, residential, and event security services. Ranked among the top 1% of UK security providers by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), Venture Security continues to uphold its commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of security management.

The Halo safety management system marks an exciting milestone for Venture Security and Newbury Racecourse, bringing cutting-edge safety management technology to the forefront of crowd safety and event security, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Partner with Halo!

Check out Halo Safety Platform to see how Halo can help you enhance your crowd safety and incident & operations management game!

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