Halo Secures English Football Clubs with its Futuristic Technology

In the fast-paced world of football, where passion runs deep and competition thrives, ensuring safety and security within stadiums is a top priority. However, the industry has faced its fair share of challenges, with incidents ranging from crowd disturbances to safety breaches posing significant risks to fans, players, and staff alike. With over 711 years of recorded disorder in football’s history, there’s an undeniable need for a comprehensive platform to manage incidents, safety protocols, and operational tasks effectively. This is where Halo steps in, offering bespoke solutions to address the unique safety challenges faced by football clubs and stadiums.

Halo Football Vision: Uniting clubs for enhanced safety

At Halo, our vision is clear: to unite football clubs in a collaborative effort to enhance safety standards across the board. We recognise the importance of collective action in mitigating risks and fostering a secure environment for all stakeholders. Through initiatives like ‘Banned from one – banned from all,’ we aim to establish a unified approach to addressing disruptive behaviour and enforcing safety measures. By providing clubs with a nationwide intelligence page for trend analysis and insights, Halo empowers them to proactively manage risks and improve safety protocols. Additionally, our platform facilitates the integration of advanced technology and services, enabling clubs to stay ahead of potential threats and ensure a safe match day experience for everyone involved.

Football-tailored Features: Streamlining incident management and operations

Halo’s bespoke football-tailored features are designed to streamline incident management and operational tasks, allowing clubs to effectively respond to and mitigate security risks. From incident reporting and management to match day task allocation, our platform offers a comprehensive set of modules to enhance security protocols. The document library module enables efficient intel sharing and match day briefings, while functionalities such as staff accreditation and public reporting promote transparency and accountability within the organisation. With asset management and drone streaming capabilities, Halo equips clubs with the necessary resources to manage safety and security of fans and their assets, efficiently and effectively.

Halo Platform

Halo Benefits: Simplifying safety measures

  • One of the key benefits of Halo is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for security personnel, stewards, and medics to navigate and utilise effectively.

  • By connecting with Police Spotters (FIOs) and facilitating communication across different teams within the stadium, Halo enables swift and coordinated responses to incidents, improving overall safety outcomes.

  • Moreover, our platform consolidates all evidence and statements in one place, streamlining investigations and expediting resolution processes, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Football Credentials: Trusted by Leading Clubs & Leagues

With a proven track record, Halo is trusted by some of the most prestigious clubs and leagues in English football, including the Premier League, Chelsea FC, and Watford FC. With Halo, these clubs can confidently uphold safety standards and ensure a secure environment for all stakeholders, reinforcing our commitment to safeguarding the future of the beautiful game.

Halo in English Football Clubs and Leagues

Halo’s Impact: Protecting Football Fans Nationwide

Currently, Halo is instrumental in safeguarding six football clubs across various tiers of the English football pyramid, with additional clubs eagerly adopting our platform to enhance crowd safety, stadia security, and day-to-day incident management. Over the past five years, Halo has played a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of a staggering 10.17 million football fans, a testament to the effectiveness and reliability of our solutions.

Streamlined Incident Management with Halo

With over 500 football matches under our belt, Halo has facilitated the recording and management of over 29,146 incidents since 2019 alone. These incidents span a diverse range of categories, including health and safety, medical incidents, security patrols, lost property, safeguarding, and more. By replacing outdated paper-based and Excel recording systems, Halo enables clubs to record information faster and respond to incidents with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Digitising Safety and Security with Halo

By digitising safety & security operations, Halo brings together all departments within football clubs, with the primary goal of protecting fans. Our platform seamlessly integrates body-worn CCTV footage from stewards, stadia CCTV feeds, and drone camera footage into one centralised control room, providing safety and security officials with instant access to critical information. This real-time flow of information enables faster responses and improves decision-making processes on the ground.

Driving Safety Improvements with Data Insights

The data insights generated by Halo across multiple seasons serve as invaluable resources for driving safety improvements and efficiency savings. By leveraging evidence-based decisions, clubs can continuously enhance their safety protocols and ensure the well-being of everyone within the stadium. Moreover, the corporate memory provided by the Halo system streamlines insurance, criminal, or civil investigations, with all evidence, including witness statements and video footage, stored in one secure location.

Collaboration and Accessibility with Halo

Halo fosters collaboration with multiple agencies, including local police and Safety Advisory Groups (SAGs), by providing filtered access to relevant information. This dovetails with broader business continuity, resilience, and safety planning efforts, ensuring a coordinated approach to managing safety and security risks. Additionally, the Halo system’s ‘Bulletin board’ feature stores images of identified risk fans on bans from entering the club, further enhancing security measures.

Halo’s tailored solutions are revolutionising football safety management, providing clubs with the tools and resources needed to address security challenges effectively. With our dedication to innovation and collaboration, we are committed to driving positive change within the industry and ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all football enthusiasts.

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