Transforming Public Safety: A Conversation between Lloyd Major & Anu Khanna


Anu Khanna: Hello everyone, and a warm welcome to the Business Spotlight Interview series. I’m your host, Anu Khanna, and today I’m joined by Lloyd Major, CEO and founder of Halo Solutions. Halo Solutions develops life-saving software for incident, safety and operations management. Lloyd, it’s a pleasure to have you with us. Could you please provide a brief introduction, considering your rich background, including 17 years in the specialist police service and receiving a national bravery award?

Lloyd Major: Thank you for having me, Anu. I’m Lloyd, the founder of Halo Solutions. I started the business officially in 2014, inspired by my experiences as a police officer in the National Counter Terrorism Unit. The Manchester Arena bombing highlighted communication challenges during incidents, leading to the idea of creating software to streamline such processes. As for the national bravery award, it’s a recognition tied to an incident where I intervened to prevent someone from ending their life. It was a moment, like many in a police officer’s career, where stepping up to help is crucial.

Halo Mission and Vision

Anu: Your company has a compelling mission statement – “transforming the way software is used for public safety to make everywhere as safe as possible for every person in the world.” Can you elaborate on this ambitious goal?

Lloyd: Absolutely. Our mission is bold but achievable. We follow the SMART objective framework—specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. We believe that safety software should be accessible to everyone in a given space, not limited to a control room. We recently launched a public reporting feature to empower individuals to share information directly. This has led to significant positive outcomes, from preventing attacks to addressing incidents of assault and offensive chanting. We’re just scratching the surface, and by engaging with software everywhere, we can create a safer world.

Anu: That’s a commendable cause. For those interested in using your public reporting service, how can they access it? Is it as simple as downloading an app?

Lloyd: It can be that simple. We’ve integrated our service into various client apps, such as those for sports stadiums. Users can find the reporting feature within the app, providing a seamless experience. Additionally, we use technologies like RFID and NFC tags for quick access to reporting features in specific locations.

Business Growth & Keys to Success

Anu: Many of our listeners are business owners, and your company has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2014. What do you attribute this growth to?

Lloyd: Passion is a key driver. The team at Halo is passionate about making a meaningful impact on public safety. Being surrounded by positivity, working with clients who deliver remarkable events, and providing a valuable safety service contribute to our success. The cultural shift from a police environment to a positive, collaborative business setting has been crucial.

Anu: Your emphasis on passion and positive culture is noteworthy. From your experience, what advice would you offer to other business owners?

Lloyd: Reflecting on my journey, overcoming imposter syndrome and recognizing that it’s okay not to have all the answers early on is crucial. Additionally, implementing a robust sales pipeline and customer journey structure is vital for sustained growth. Tools like HubSpot can be instrumental in achieving this.

Leadership & Team Dynamics

Anu: As a leader, you’ve mentioned having daily stand-up meetings to maintain focus and collaboration. What have you learned as an employer that you’d like to share with fellow business owners?

Lloyd: Setting a clear mission and a long-term plan is essential. I learned from Suena Humphrey that “a mission without a plan is just a dream.” Having a structured approach to the next 15 years, breaking it down into quarters, ensures focus and measurable progress. Daily stand-up meetings create a sense of achievement and teamwork, especially in a global, remote and flexible work environment. Managing people by results and supporting a flexible work environment is a crucial approach for a healthy work environment.

Challenges & Lessons Learned

Anu: Every business faces challenges. What have been your main challenges, and how have you addressed them?

Lloyd: Overcoming imposter syndrome and recognizing the need for a robust technical structure were initial challenges. Shifting from a police-specialist mindset to embracing the learning curve of business was crucial for personal growth. Implementing systems like HubSpot for sales pipeline management came later but significantly enhanced our operations.

Reflections & Future Goals

Anu: With the knowledge you’ve gained on your journey, if you were to start anew, what would you do differently?

Lloyd: I would focus more on creating a structured plan for the team, ensuring clarity on goals and achievements. Recognizing the importance of supporting high-performing individuals and addressing any underperformance earlier in the journey would be a priority.


Anu: Lloyd, thank you for sharing your insights and the remarkable journey of Halo Solutions. Your commitment to making the world a safer place is inspiring. We appreciate your time today.

Lloyd: You’re very welcome. Thank you for having me.

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